Zahtar Seasoning


Our signature Za'atar is one of our top requested products. We've heard stories of people enjoying spoonfuls of it directly out of the jar because it really is that delicious on its own. If you're a more casual za'atar fan, you can enjoy a sprinkling over fried eggs, hummus, and yogurt.

This aromatic herb blend of hyssop (zaatar oregano), sesame seeds, ground chickpeas, and other luscious spices is a staple in kitchens throughout the Middle East and beyond.

More than just a topping, you can also use za'atar to season your dishes. Coat a steak with a za'atar crust before grilling or searing in a cast iron pan. Mash some potatoes with a scoop of za'atar & olive oil for an easy & flavorful side dish.

ZAHTAR SEASONING. This blend of herbs & spices is perfect for sprinkling over hummus or a quick salad dressing. Also makes a great topping for avocado toast & seasoning up scrambled eggs.
Zahtar (Hyssop), Parsley, Salt, Citric Acid, Sesame Seeds, Ground Chickpeas, Coriander, Olive Oil

5.3 oz

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