We take great care when packing our precious products for shipping.  Boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape & labor all add up.  In addition, UPS charges us $16.95 for address corrections.  Say you tell us to ship to 123 Maple St but the correct address is 123 S. Maple St. That costs us $16.95.   If the package goes to a residential address UPS adds $3.50.  If the package goes to a rural address UPS adds another $3.50 and if the address is way out in the boonies UPS will add another $4.95.  Packing & shipping our products is very costly and those costs are beyond our control.  We are not Amazon and cannot afford to offer free shipping.  In most cases we are already losing money on shipping.

We will generally ship your order within 72 hrs of receiving it. Nights, weekends & holidays not included.  UPS generally takes 2 to 5 days to deliver.

By providing us with a legit email address & phone number we and our shipping partners can keep you informed of your order status.

When contacting us about your order please be ready to provide us your order number or method of placing your order as well as the date that you placed the order.  Please send this info to

Thank you!