The Oilerie Balsamic


One almost expects to hear a choir of angels when one tastes The Oilerie Balsamic! An Oilerie exclusive, our Italian Balsamic Vinegar has the flavors, aroma and density of a great 25 year old Italian Balsamic Vinegar. This is the top selling product at the Oilerie for the past 15 years. Outstanding splashed on salads with one of our fine oils. Use this Italian Balsamic Vinegar as part of a marinade for all meats. Combine with any of our oils for bread dipping nirvana.  This, this is the mother of all Balsamic vinegars. Drizzled over a bowl of strawberries and vanilla ice cream will send you to the moon and all you'll hear are the spoons clinking around the bottom of the bowl.

25 year Balsamic - Modena Italy

12.7 ounce (375mL) Comes with built in pour spout.


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