Cajun Spice Mix


This Cajun Spice mix is an exciting blend of flavors from Lousiana style cooking. It is made with Sweet Paprika, Garlic Crystals,Ground Mustard Seeds, Salt, Oregano, Thyme, Cumin, and Cayenne Pepper for a zesty taste.

Add this blend to your favorite dishes for a quick and easy wayto add blackening flavor. This vibrant mix of spices will give yourmeals the perfect balance of spicy and smoky that will tantalizeyour taste buds.

Add it to your BBQ sauce, stew, chili, or even sprinkle it onpopcorn for a delicious snack. Enjoy the flavors of the DeepSouth with this delicious Cajun Spice mix!

Try this spice blend for seasoning fish or grilled corn. 

5.3 oz.

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