Molinella Carnaroli Rice - Kilo


Riso de Molinella Carnaroli Rice is harvested, hand-selected, and imported from Italy, and vacuum-packed for freshness. Rich in amylose, a substance which contributes to the grain’s notable firmness, Carnaroli is the preferred rice in restaurant kitchens worldwide for its versatility and resistance to overcooking. Its short, plump grains allow for maximum absorption of the most varied flavors. That’s why it’s ideal for use in slow-cooking dishes like risotto, flan and rice pudding. 

  • ✅ Finest Italian rice, considered the “caviar” of risotto varieties
  • ✅ Product of Italy, farmed in exclusive, ideal growing conditions
  • ✅ Resistant to overcooking, perfect for Italian risotto, flan, and rice pudding
  • 2.2 #'s

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