Molinella Arborio Rice 1#


Riso di Molinella takes its name from the town of Molinella, in the Po Valley of northern Italy. Here, unique climate conditions combined with 500 years of farming experience result in a traditional, short-grain rice that creates perfectly creamy, al dente risotto. Arborio rice boasts a higher protein and starch content than other rice, which is why it is famous for use in slow-cooking dishes like risotto, flan and rice pudding. Riso di Molinella is shipped in a vacuum-pack bag for freshness.

  • ✅ Superfino Arborio rice, traditional, short-grain famous for risotto, flan and rice pudding
  • ✅ Product of Italy, vacuum-packed for freshness
  • ✅ Grown in Molinella in the Po Valley of northern Italy
  • 1 #

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