Pappardelle are large, broad, flat pasta, similar to fettuccine but a little wider still. Flora Pappardelle Homestyle Tricolor Nest Organic Pasta is from all organic durum wheat flour. What truly sets it apart is the fact that old-style bronze dies are used for its production, rather than the  typical Teflon-coated new dies.  Teflon dies are cheaper and quicker for manufacturers, but Teflon die pasta is smooth and shiny, and doesn’t ‘grab’ onto the sauce.  A bronze die creates pasta that is a little coarser and a little more porous.  What that means is that the sauces cling to it better. 100% Italian imported. Delicious, authentic pasta with the old-world taste.  Wheat, spinach and tomato pastas combine for a beautiful tricolor presentation.

16 OZ

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