Oilerie Colle Monacesco Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Every evoo has three characteristics that define it has true extra virgin olive oil. 1-the flavor of the fruit. 2-bitterness which is inherent in the olive and 3-a spicy finish, which is the polyphenol being absorbed directly into your bloodstream thru the membrane in the back of your throat. When I first tasted this oil from Adriano I thought "wow, that's a spicy olive oil" so I called it Spicy Italian.  On a trip to visit Adriano in Italy Amy Jo and I were standing with Adriano in the parking lot of his production facility as we had many times before.  On this occasion Adriano asked us to look at a particular hill which could be seen for his lot.  "That is Colle Monacesco, the hill where the olives for this blend come from". You could have knocked me over with a stick! Colle Monacesco has a ton of bold flavor is is a favorite of many.

12.7 ounce bottle. Comes with a built in pour spout.

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